when it finally hits 100%

Hilarious movie source: u/VariousCharacter (post)

Banano, a fork of Nano, is a fee-less cryptocurrency powered by the Directed Acyclic Graph (and rich in Potassium). It is also a meme-coin, inflationary and absolutely not something you should invest your retirement funds in.

On the other hand, it actually has some value, has a very active community and a great way to ‘mine’; not being a POW coin there’s not actually any need to mine so instead you can earn BAN by contributing to medical research with Folding@home.

Be honest, you want free bananos.

Here’s how to start folding:

  1. Get an Android/iOS (Kalium) or Web (BananoVault)
  2. Enter your Banano (BAN) wallet address at Banano Miner (bananominer.com) and note down your username and team name. (which is always 234980)
  3. Goto the Folding@Home site and install the Win/Mac/Linux client.
  4. Goto this page and enter your username (as received from bananominer) and email address to receive an email with your passcode.
  5. Start Folding@Home and at first run, enter your username, team name and passcode.
  6. After an initial 2 completed jobs, you should now be rewarded with free BAN once or twice a day, appearing automagically in your wallet!

To read much, much more on BAN and Bananos visit banano.how.

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