About 40two.app

40two stands for Forty Two*, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. Which you will most definitely not find here but hey, there’s clues.

What you will find is a collection of self-hosted tools and resources with a focus on privacy. Front-ends that allow you to browse social media sites without being tracked. Creative Commons eBooks and documentaries, and solid Open Source tools.

And occasionally, very occasionally, I finish a blog post.

* a bit of creative freedom. No visitor has of yet donated the rental fee for 42.com and 40two.app was affordable.


Best way to find out if any of the 19 services currently on offer are of use to you, is to spend some time going through all of them. It’s 2021, you have time.

The menu on top, or for mobile visitors the hamburger icon top-right, shows them all, grouped by category.


Some of the best web-services are self hostable! Here you will find free services such as BitWarden password manager, a CryptPad zero-knowledge cloud instance, a PrivateBin encrypted pastebin server and much more.

Most of them offer free accounts, none of them will verify your email. Be Creative,,,


Some not-so privacy oriented but still super handy online tools I host are listed here. Try the CyberChef toolbox that does everything but bake bread, or beam pictures from your laptop to your phone using SnapDrop.

Again, free to use and no logging.


A special category of services that stand in between you and the major social networks, eat your cookies, bin the ads and re-arrange things into a sane order.

Bibliogram does this for Instagram, Nitter for Twitter, Teddit and Libreddit for Reddit and Invidious for Youtube.


I’m just some dude with an interest in cloud, privacy and how those two can co-exist. All of the services on offer are ones I use for myself and at some point I thought, why just myself?

So all the mistakes, typos and dead links are mine. If you’d like to share those with me, most obliged. 

Rock-solid hosting is courtesy of TiZu. If you need a VPS that won’t die no matter what you throw at it, this is who to talk to.

Contact me here.

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